How do I get into contact with you?

In creating an online persona, I never imagined that I would need to also create a guidebook on how to interact with me, yet here I find myself. As you may have noticed, I present myself has free and relaxed. That is truly how I am, not a fictional representation. What this does not show is that I also spend a lot of time alone and I am very happy with my own company. For some, especially those who would like to get into contact with me urgently, it can be frustrating. Please do not take it personally, or worse, blame me for it. I have a wonderful life exactly for the reason that I give myself what it needs to be productive, loving and present. I left self-sacrificing to make others happy some time ago.

Why use the ‘f” word?

You may be offended by my language. I understand. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and I do not use the “f” word to shock. It is my full expression and it truly reflects my being. I am irreverent and I am aware that that may be experienced as offensive. I assure you it is not intended that way. So, if my language is a problem for you, I suggest not following me or my writing. I get to be me and you get to be you. Hopefully, our use of language does not come between us. But, maybe it does and that’s okay.

Can you help me publish my book?

You may want to know how to get a book published. I wish I could help you, but I am not a publisher, nor do I have a network of friends that are waiting to publish your next great work. What I can suggest is my publisher, John Koehler from Koehlerbooks. He has written a book to help authors understand the ins and outs of publishing. Alternatively you can watch an episode of A Wonderful Chaos, where we discuss publishing and a few other things with John.

What if I want you as a mentor?

I arrange mentoring session sporadically, depending on my current load. You are always free to contact me. I am not a therapist, nor am I licensed coach, nor do I read books about coaching, nor do I have a method or technique that will help you better understand my approach. People come to me by word of mouth or after having read one of my books. If you do send a message, please specify what you are looking to achieve as I have a lot of friends and I do like to refer people to where they may be best supported.

Do you offer trainings for groups and companies?

Yes, I do. These tend to be by invitation and they tend to be on the edgier side. I am not trying to reaffirm the professional distance which keeps people, and the companies that they are part of, stuck. Authenticity is not a word I use. It's the way I live. And that means that there are some environments that are not as well suited for my “material.” I am not absurd for the sake of being absurd, but I do say things that others are thinking, which they may be afraid to blurt out. I even once dropped my pants in a business meeting to make sure that people would stop hiding behind the word “professionalism."

Do you offer speaking engagements?

Yes, I do. I like to speak about living in the moment, transferring pain into meaning, and money. Yes you read that correctly, money. I see that our relationship with money is an amazing way to discover ourselves. I also love reflecting on our relationship with death. Instead of a deep dark hole of dread, I’d like to think of it as a healthy reminder of why this day is so special.

Can I connect with you on Social Media?

I must say that I am not well wrote on social media as can be seen by my content, which falls on the longer side. I still do not understand hashtags and things like TikTok. I like to write books and do hour long interviews. I do not want to intentionally alienate people who are drawn to "bite sized” materials, it's just not my form of expression. And if you write me on social media, don’t expect a response. I use email. I know it's old school, but it is the school that I went to.

Who are your role models?

Most of my heroes and role models have not written books, nor do they have webpages. They are people that stand tall in the face of overwhelming odds. People that follow their dreams, in spite of the hurdles that are thrown in their way. Single mothers, refugees, political prisoners and movement leaders that stand, often at times, alone. I do not see success as an outcome. I see it as a state of existence. It’s the moment when people move away from fear and towards a dream that offers no security or assurances. Those are the people that I bow to in respect.

How does the media contact you?

For anyone interested in press inquires, you can fill in the contact form.

Who made your website?

I can share that it has been quite a journey creating this webpage. I was facilitated by a dear friend and designer, Jennifer Kumer, an incredible spirt who guided me through the process of translating my personality into a visual brand that felt authentic in my expression. The result of which makes me smile everytime I look at. :)






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