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"...more than just a book—it's an invaluable guide for those yearning for richer, more meaningful relationships. It serves as a beacon for introspective individuals, psychology enthusiasts, and professionals alike. I commend Chaleff on this enlightening work and eagerly await his future contributions to the field."

- Literary Titan [Five Stars ★★★★★ / Awarded Gold Medallion]

"Though exceedingly meaningful as a relationship manual, Chaleff's work is far greater. In short, it is a commentary on understanding human behavior at its root level, a sort of cleansing and rewiring of the responses to the inevitable thoughts that inundate the vessel that is the mind."

- US Review [Nominated "RECOMMEND"]

"With clear eyes and an open heart, The Connection Playbook deftly demonstrates how to create healthy attachment styles at a time when people feel increasingly distant."

- BookLife (Publishers Weekly) [Awarded Editor's Pick]

"...this book is a must-read."

- Kirkus Reviews [Nominated "Get It"]


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Hi I'm Andy.

I like to keep things informal. My life's work is helping people. just like you, to heal and transform through the power of radical self love.


When I was eighteen, my mother was hit

and killed by a drunk driver.

My life's journey has been

learning to embrace the devastation of that pain.

Now I use my healing to support others who have gone through trauma

or who are just struggling with life in general.

I am a friend and companion who helps you listen to and trust yourself.

I use love and laughter to face and process deep pain.

I am a wounded healer, just like anyone who has overcome

adversity to find compassion.

I write intimate stories to nurture inner peace.

I invite people to join me in curiosity.

I mentor some damn incredible people.


I was born at the start of the 70’s with bell bottoms and the start of Star Wars.


My dad was emotionally troubled and I suffered greatly as a child. My parents divorced when I was 10. My mom was my rock.


My freshman year at college my mom was killed by a drunk driver. 2 years later I left America to escape that pain and travel the world.


I gained success in business, but was empty inside and eventually decided to sell everything I own and start life over again.


I lived like a monk for the next 10 years, finding a teacher to guide me back to myself.


After my teacher’s death, I reenter the business world, without compromising my authenticity or my deep sense of knowing.


I developed into a life, death and everything in-between coach, who wrote books and directed a training center in Amsterdam.


My first book 'The Last Letter' was published. I embarked on a 3-month tour in the U.S., sitting with 60 groups across 25 states, inviting people to write last letters to loved ones.


After promising myself never to write another book, 'The Wounded Healer' became my second hurrah, documenting the last letter journey and the discovery of radical self love.

The Last Letter is a thirty-year journey to make peace with the past.

Andy was born into a family with a loving mother and a violent father. His mother was his rock, his safe place, the person he cherished most. Soon after he graduated high school, she was hit and killed by a drunk driver.

Plunged into a deep depression, he spent the next two decades running away from his pain. Eventually, his pain caught up with him. He was forced to confront it once and for all.

“This work guides people back to true north.”

- Tim Shriver, Former CEO Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Do you accept and love yourself—fully and completely, with no judgment, holding nothing back? What blocks you from doing so?

How would you experience life differently if you were able to do so? The Wounded Healer is one man’s journey to answer these questions for himself and finally learn to love himself.

Andy invites you to embark on your own journey to find liberation through the power of radical self-love.

"Andy has found a way to turn the world upside down and have it make even more sense. Seriously healing."

- Jennifer Kumer, creator of Empathic Wisdom Cards

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The Last Letter Project is an invitation to the urgency of this very moment. Simple and powerful.


Last Letter Coach

I am a mentor to some fantastic people and companies. In order to make sure that I have time for them and myself, I take no more than 6 clients at any given moment.

My clients are primarily people in leadership positions, and on some occasions, individuals that have done a lot of emotional work ahead of time.

My style of mentoring is very direct and loving, which is most suited for individuals who are simultaneously strong and open. When I work with a client (I actually consider my clients friends) it is for no less than a half year.

If you do send me a message, I promise that I will read it. I cannot promise that I will respond immediately as I keep a healthy distance between the digital world and the joy of my own thoughts.

For more information on contacting me, please check out this FAQ.

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Berenstraat 7

1016 GG Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Amsterdam's Welvaren

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